Plastic Cases

HPRC, A leading manufacturer for polycarbonate cases for harsh environment can be used for all sort of application for different areas:
Photography, Industrial, Military, Nautical, Police and many other uses.
HPRC provides total protection to your equipment against dust, water,
impact, corrosion etc.
HPRC Innovations :
- New high performance resin
- Excellent impact resistance
- Light Weight
- New, easy and safe locking system
- New soft grip carry handle for extra comfort.
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Zero manufacturing offers both heavy-duty and lightweight plastic solutions to ensure the safety and viability of valuable equipment and components. Plastics, ranging from standard compositions to space age composites, can be vacuum or thermo-formed from ABS, Polyethylene or Styrene, or rotationally molded from Polyethylene. Plastic cases can be tightly sealed and be made 100% water, sand and dust proof. They are inherently impact resistant and are fully repairable in the field . 


Plastic cases made of ABS/Polycarbonate designed to provide protection from shock/dust
and waterproof to customer equipment.
The internal case can be equiped with pluck foam padding or custom padding per customer needs.


A wide selection of hard shell, plastic industrial cases, covering a
range of sizes and colors, in injection Molded single-walled and extrusion
molded double-walled construction.
All cases have passed stringent durability tests and are constructed
with a built in "living hinge". This technology provides a highly reliable
hinge solution. A tailor made interior can also be made to fit and
protect your products perfectly.


A first class designed cases, manufactured from environmentally natural polypropylene.
Ideal for products presentation as well as many other applications such as:
- Tool cases
- Long life packaging
- Give away premiums
- Sample cases 


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