TEDER ELECTRO MECHANICAL Ltd. was established in 1989.

Since then, TEDER has been an exclusive representative of various leading international manufacturers in the electronic industry.

The company activity covers a diversified range of electronic manufacturers, telecommunication, medical and military aerospace orianted companies .
Our goal is to assist the customers in finding the best, most reliable and cost-effective solutions to their changing needs.

We, at TEDER, understand that The best quality products should be accompanied with a full technical support and high level service which we provide on each step of the way for over 600 customers.



The main areas that we cover -     
 EMI/RFI filtered connectors/units   

- Electro mechanical components (connectors, cables, contactors , laser diodes etc) 
- Power suppliers for military and aerospace application
- Plastic & aluminum carrying cases
- Cables assembly  
- Outdoor Cabinets, locking systems and accessories

- Machinery for electronics production

- Soldering materials and cleaners

- Turn key products and assemblies



Among our customers -

IDF  IAI Rafael Elbit Elop Tadiran ECI Motorola Rad  Intel Sandisk  

and many more...

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