Outdoor Cabinets & Accessories



Metal sheet manufacturing company that supports industries, responsible for assembling and installing services for telecommunication, information technology and for Electric Utilities, low and middle voltage. Our main business is production, mechanical assembly of shelters, lockers, cabinets, racks,sub-racks, panels, computer cases and punched components that are laser cut, bended, welded, painted an galvanized. Our politics in quality is to supply trustable products and services that attend real needs of our customers and guarantee that each one of them gets to be reference to new sales. We can provide you our general Quality System structure and respective Quality Manual for your evaluation, besides of Certification NBR ISO-9002.



A leading manufacturer of mechanical metal hardware for cabinetsof any type Indoor/outdoor.
pecialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative Locking Systems, Latches, Hinges, Gasketing, Window / Door units and Accessories to the Electrical and Electronic, HVAC and Industrial Enclosure Industries.


A leading manufacturer of controllers for heating, cooling, temperature and hummidity control of electronic enclosures.
Stego products are well knownfor theirreliability, long life, simplicity of use and high quality.
Whether for telecommunications or traffic systems, power stations or outdoor plants,
ATMsor parking control systems, where electronics have to be protected against humidity, heat or cold, Stego's comprehensive product range offers effective economical solution.

- Conventional and PTC semiconductor control panel heaters and fan  
  assisted heaters ranging from 5W to 1200W, tropicalised and EX 
- Temperature and humidity control ranging from 0-60 C (30-140F)
  and 35% to 100% RH
- New filter fan series in EMC and standard versions with excellent 
  performance and shielding characteristics.
- Panel lighting and accessories 


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