Soldering & Cleaning Materials

Kester is a worldwide leading manufacturer of soldering and related
materials for the electronic manufacturing industry.
Products include:
Solder pastes.
Liquid fluxes
Flux cored and solid wire solder
Bars solder
Solder masks
Polymer products
Flux pen and pastes
Throughout the world kester's products are known for their high quality
and advanced technology.

Cramolin is a well known company manufacture chemical special
products for production , maintenance and repair in form of spray
for applications of cleaning , lubrication , insulation and protection
of single components or whole units.
The propellants carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons used by Cramolin do
not damage the ozone layer , and all spray cans are made of aluminum
or tin-plate and are, therefore , allowed to be stamped with the Green Dot.
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